Eczema update…

For a few months now I have mainly talked about products on here so I thought it was about time I did an eczema/skin/life update…


This picture was taken at the end of August just before I was going to a festival for the day. This is when I thought my eczema was looking quite good so can you imagine how bad it’s been over the past year?!

Looking at it now, I still don’t think it looks that bad. Yeah, it’s red, a bit weepy and I can remember it being really itchy but it almost just looks like mosquito bites. I was still worried people would stare at me though or think I had some gross contagious disease. I hate how the slightest imperfection makes you think so little of yourself. At the end of the day, who gives a fuck about a few red bumps on the back of someone’s leg? It’s so hard to not give a fuck though!

I never took any pictures of my skin when it was at it worst because I just couldn’t face it. I really wish I had now so I could compare and see how far I’ve come but at the time I never thought it would get better. Today my skin and scalp are under control and pretty much clear. It feels amazing! I never thought it would get to this stage, especially in winter. It’s been a really tough journey going back and forth to the doctors every month, going to the pharmacy every two weeks, trying to stay calm in the worst of times, all whilst working full time and trying to have a normal life…it was all worth it though! I’ve finally got a solid routine that works for me, even the red patch of doom on my jaw has gone!

Getting my life back over the past few months has felt amazing. I can wear make up all day now without wanting to scratch my face off! I can stay at my friends houses! I can wear what I want! I don’t have to moisturise my whole body a million times a day anymore! Yaaassss! Here’s to clear, stress free skin in 2018!!!

Keep those bars of soap away from me though…

My 2017 Top 5…

First of all…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, I’m writing this very hungover so if it doesn’t make sense then sorry but prosecco and apple vodka got the better of me last night.

I thought today would be a good day to reflect a little on the last year and talk about my top 5 favourite products of 2017. It’s been a crazy year, with a lot of lows but it’s ending on a massive high! My skin is under control, I’m getting my life back and I am so much more happier in myself. Right, before I get emotional in my delicate state let’s get into it…


  1. Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser. This moisturiser has helped me so much over the past year. It’s light, it’s gentle, it smells like babies, it’s a dream. I never thought a lotion would make my skin feel super hydrated but this one does. It sinks it quickly, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and it’s cheeeaaaappppppp!
  2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of facial sprays because how much can a thin mist do?! This stuff is so good though! I use it as a makeup setting spray and it really does keep my skin hydrated and glowy all day! A little pricey but this bottle has lasted 5 months and there’s still about a quarter left!
  3. Glossier Boy Brow. I had to put a Glossier product in this top 5 because it is probably my top brand discovery of 2017. Their products are just so good for us dry gals! Boy Brow has just changed my brow game! It’s so easy to use, makes your brows look natural and full without any effort at all. I love it!
  4. Oilatum Scalp Shampoo. I can deal with a red, sore body but an itchy, flakey scalp is the worst feeling in the world. I’ve had a big battle with my scalp this year, it’s been flake city!! I finally got control of it by using this stuff and I still use it now to keep on top of things. It’s gentle, soothing, keeps hair glossy and it works!
  5. Egyptian Magic. Ok, so I know I have raved about this cream for a while now but this is definitely my top product discovery of 2017! It’s completely sorted my face out, seriously it’s changed everything! I use it morning and night to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. It is very expensive but a little goes a long way and it’s worth it to say it keeps everything calm and flake free. I bloody love it!

So there we are, I know I’ve spoken about these products quite a lot before but they really have helped my skin heal through 2017. They work so well for me and it’s thanks to them that I am finally able to get my life back without worrying about my skin all the time.

Heres to another 12 months of healing and sticking our middle fingers up to eczema!!