First Impression: Space Masks…

I’ve had a little unscheduled break from blogging because of life and you know what, I’ve bloody missed it! It’s been really nice to have a bit of space and time to reflect but now I’m getting back on it! You’ve not seen the last of me just yet!

So, it’s the Christmas holidaaaayyyyssssss waaaaahooooooo! You all know what that means…SLEEP! But of course, the minute I break up from work I can’t sleep. This happens every single time I’m off! I end up going to bed really late but then I’m wide awake thinking about breakfast at 6am. Whhyyy?! Give a gal a break! That’s why I have decided to give Space Masks a try…


I received my mask in my November Skin Organics Beauty Box and had every intention of using it throughout the whole of November but I am so glad I waited until my school-break-insomnia kicked in! This is a DREAM (har har har). In each pouch there is a self heating eye mask that stays warm for around 15 minutes, just enough time for you to drift off. They have essence of jasmine, with just the right amount of fragrance so it’s not overpowering and distracting. The eye mask itself is amazing quality for a disposable! I thought it would be a thin, flimsy mask that could fall off easily but it’s really thick, soft and the elastics are just the right length to be super comfortable around ears.

I drifted off quite quickly with this on, the mask was definitely still warm by the time I had fallen to sleep. I had the best nights sleep too! I didn’t wake up once in the night and felt so rested the next day. Urgh, they’re perfect! You could definitely get a few uses out of it too, I mean, it won’t heat up again but the calming jasmine scent is still there to help you unwind.

I’ve never tried a product like this to help my random bouts of insomnia but I love them and will definitely be buying a box full! A nights rest is so important and beneficial for healing skin and it is true what they say, you really do feel so much better after a good nights sleep!

You can buy these dreamy mask at

I have not been paid to write this post, I’m just a tired gal who wants a good nights sleep.