Review: Glossier makeup…

I love makeup. I love wearing makeup, I love doing my make up, I love shopping for makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bare face but makeup just makes me feel better, do you know what I mean? My face is literally drier than the Sahara desert so I have to be quite careful with how I apply my makeup base because it just sticks to all the dry bits and looks awwffullllll. I like to wear makeup everyday for work and to help my skin breathe I never wear too much but I like there to be some there so I don’t look like a corpse. It’s just not a good look for me ok. I’ve experimented a lot with different makeup bases but never found any that have changed the game. Recently (I’m really late to the party) Glossier started to ship to the UK, I’ve read a lot about their products and was sold on the promise of a ‘healthy, natural glow’. We all know I love to glooowwwwwwwww!


After having a good look at their website and reading a lot of reviews, I decided on the Skin Tint – £20, Boy Brow – £14 and Cloud paint – £15. I know that may seem a little pricey for ‘no makeup makeup’ but No7 has very similar pricing and leave me alone I can’t help myself ok.

Skin tint… Love it. I’m sold. Cya. Seriously though this is so nice. It’s quite thin and literally gives a tint, obviously, of colour to the skin. It glides on so easily and really hydrates. I definitely only feel comfortable using this when my skin is looking good but it is a great every day makeup base that doesn’t clog up pores and lets skin breathe. I love how light it feels and at the end of a working day I don’t feel like I need to take my makeup off as soon as I get home.

Boy Brow… I’ve only ever used powder products on my brows so at first I found this quite hard to use. Luckily my eyebrows are quite bushy and full so I don’t need to fill them but they do need a bit of taming and this does the job perfectly. It keeps them in place all day without making them feel crispy and weird and it gives them that cool brushed out natural look.

Cloud Paint… I got this in the colour Dusk because I think it’s the most muted of the colours they sell. I prefer brownish tones on my cheeks rather than a bright blush and I also thought this colour would be great to contour with. I’ve never liked applying cream blushes because they take ages, they go everywhere and it’s so easy to accidently put loads on. You barely need any of the product and it dabs on so nicely! I honestly never thought I would love a product like this! It blends out so quick and goes on evenly without any patches, it just gives the most perfect flush to the cheeks. I love it!


In my package I also got samples of the Milk Jelly Cleanser and their perfume Glossier You. I’ve been wanting to try the cleanser for aaaages, it’s had so many positive reviews! I liked it but I’m not sure that I would buy a big bottle of it. It felt nice on my skin, cleansed my face well and I had no reaction at all but I didn’t like the squeaky clean feeling it gave me afterwards. I think I need to try it again to really make up my mind as I only got one use out of the sachet. I love the perfume though! I know I am fragrance free and I hardly ever use perfume but one spray on my clothes is alright every now and again. This smells lovely, really fresh, cool and it suits the brand so much!

So yeah, basically I love Glossier and now I need every product. I just love how they’re all about the dewy, natural look whilst hydrating and protecting the skin. All their products are paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Literally my dream brand! I am also a converted ‘no makeup makeup’ lover…am I Emily Weiss yet???

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