How I look after my dry scalp…

Since November 2016 my scalp has been on another level of dryness and over the past few months I have finally started to get proper control of it. That’s nearly a year of dealing with an itchy, dry head! Never again! I have tried so many different products over the past year but now I feel like I have a proper plan in place and I’m going to share that with you today…


  • Daily…

Sometimes I wash my hair daily, sometimes I wash it around 3 times a week and sometimes I wash it once a week. It totally goes on how my hair/scalp is feeling, what plans I have and if I can be bothered. When I do wash it I always use an anti dandruff shampoo…I miss you nice smelling shampoos! At the minute I am using this Oilatum shampoo to keep the itch away and keep everything calm. It also leaves your hair soft and swishy, which I have found it quite hard to find in an anti dandruff shampoo! It is also great to use daily as there’s no build up, yaaasss!


  • Keeping things calm…

To keep my scalp happy I use these bad boys twice a week. The Eucerin Dermo Capillaire range is so good for crazy, unpredictable scalps! I really like using them together because they keep the dryness and flakes away, as well as the itchiness. It’s always the itchiness that starts the scratch circle of death isn’t it! Damn you itchiness! I also really like using the shampoo on its own and quite often alternate it with the Oilatum one. This shampoo also leaves hair swishy, soft and I even get a lot of shine from it! The leave on treatment is a thin solution that goes on the scalp really easily and dries without leaving a residue. I like applying this stuff at night after I’ve washed my hair so it has loads of time to work and by morning my scalp always feeling amazing.


  • When things get bad…

What I find with eczema is that you can prevent, prevent, prevent but one day you wake up and everything gone wrong…you’re  bright red, itchy, sore, weepy and you just want scream bloody murder and scratch your skin off. Who else has been there?! This has happened quite a few times with my scalp so now I have a plan in place…I’m not a big fan of the plan because ahhhh chemicals but sometimes when you can’t get a brush through your hair or your scalp is weeping so much you’re sticking to your pillow case then something needs to be done. I’m a firm believer in not suffering. I get these two products prescribed through my doctor after a consultation so they can’t be overused. Nizoral is an anti fungal shampoo that really dries things up and brings relief fast. I only use this a couple of times when my scalp is bad because it is very vey drying, which is good for weeping sores but not great for flakes. Betnovate Scalp Application is a steroid based watery solution that you apply to any areas of the scalp that are particularly bad. Like with the Nizoral, I only use this until I feel I can use the other products to do the rest of the work. This is because I don’t like using steroids too often on my skin but like I said I don’t believe in suffering and I will only use them as a last resort.

What do you use to calm your scalp?

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