Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box – September…

If you have been reading my posts for a while then you know that I bloody love monthly subscription boxes! It’s a little surprise to look forward to every month and let’s face it, I literally live for trying out new beauty products. I knew I would love Skin Organics boxes as soon as I had a look at their Instagram page. They pride themselves on using non toxic, paraben free, SLS free and cruelty free products, which I think is amazing! Get those chemicals away from me!

I ordered my September box in August as a one off box rather than getting a rolling subscription. I think it’s great when’s companies let you do this because you can get a feel for what the boxes are all about without being tied into anything. There are three options available for the subscription…month to month, which is £21. Three month pre pay, which is £60 or £114 for six months. You get five or more products in your box and they feature upcoming, ermerging brands as well as award winning brands. Incred!


The box had six beautifully packaged products so let’s get to the important bit…

  • Nathalie Bond Organics – rose and patchouli bath salts. This contains Himalayan pink salt and Dead Sea salt and that’s all I ever talk about so this is already a winner for me.
  • Awake Organics – aura clean deodorant. I’m already a big fan of natural deordorants and this sample size will be great for my handbag. It smells really fresh and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Clean pits all round!
  • Lillian Jones – lavender shampoo bar. This is a full sized bar! It smells amazing and I can’t wait to try this out!
  • Blue Labelle – light & balancing facial oil. I have already used this a couple of times after moisturising and I love it so far. Really light, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy.
  • Juni The Brand – hair oil. This is an exclusive product for this months box. I have used this twice on my dry, flaky scalp at night and it’s has worked wonders! It takes the itch away instantly too!
  • Alexa Sky Botanicals – cactus fruit eye serum. Super light oil that absorbs really quickly. The roller ball really helps soothe my eyes after a long day of looking at a computer.


What I also really like about this subscription box is that it includes information cards about each product from each brand. I have never seen that before in a monthly box and I think it’s a great touch!

I absolutely LOVED receiving this box this month. The products are amazing, the packaging is amazing and the attention to detail is amazing! I would recommend this monthly subscription to anyone, with or without sensitive skin. TREAT YO SELF.

Get your box at

I’m not paid to do this review and I wasn’t sent the box for free before hand, I just fricking love clean beauty products!

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