Updated evening skincare routine…

For National Eczema Week I thought I would do a little updated evening skincare routine. Over the summer I got into a bit of a rut with my skincare. I was layering product after product each night before bed and in the morning I would wake up with spots and blemishes! I don’t mind the odd spot every now and again but my chin was covered! I also had red patches of eczema here and there, as well as irritation. I decided to just completely strip everything back and go for a more simple approach to my routine. I have finally found some products that work well for me so I thought I would share them with you lovely, itchy lot today…


  • Laidbare For Richer For Porer Mask.

When you are allergic to life, face masks can either be a massive hit or a massive miss and lets face it…its nearly always a massive miss. This mask works so well for me though and I love it! It has shea butter for hydration, liquorice and rose water to help soothe any irritation and redness, Japanese seaweed extract to detoxify and kaolin clay to get rid of any toxins. I hate liquorice but you know what, my face flipping loves it! It even has little bits in it to exfoliate…my fav! I use this mask around 1-2 times a week, depending on how my skin is feeling. I find that it reduces any redness I have really quickly, even after one use. The natural exfoliation helps get rid of any dead skin cells and over all it makes my face look brighter and healthier. Deffo a winner for me!

  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

I have talked about this cleanser before in a favourites post and I still love it just as much as when I first discovered it. It has a milky consistency that coats the skin in a really thin layer of product. I use this as a face wash (after taking my makeup off) so after I have applied it to wet skin, I will wipe away any excess with my muslin cloth. It’s not the flashiest of cleansers but it works. It’s gentle, it cleans without stripping the skin and I find it just keeps everything calm and under control. I would recommend this to anyone after a simple cleanser that does the job, sensitive skin or not!

  • Nivea Crème.

Ahhh an oldie but such a goodie! My face is drier than the driest thing that ever dried out so I need all the moisture I can get! After I have cleansed, I will put a really thick layer of this cream on like a mask and just leave it for 5-10 minutes before rubbing in. This really helps me when my face is extra dry because it gets all the moisture right in there! Even when my face isn’t flakey I still do this step every night to keep on top of things. Yeah my face is really shiny after but who cares when you’re just going to bed?! By the morning my face feels so hydrated and my skin is really glowy! I love this cream and you can pick it up anywhere for such a reasonable price!

  • No7 Youthful Replenishing Oil.

Around 2-3 times a week I will put a few drops of oil on top of the Nivea just to really lock in the moisture and add as much hydration as I can. When the crème has started to sink in I will lightly press in a few drops with the palms of my hands to really get it in there. I have really noticed a difference in my skin when I started to use oil and I love the freshness it gives to skin the next day. Give me all the oil!

This is defiantly the most simple skincare routine I’ve ever had and I’m loving it. My face hasn’t been this smooth, hydrated and actual skin colour all year! Bye bye unnecessary redness and stupid flakes…cyyyaaaaaa wouldn’t wannnaaa beee yaaaaaaaa!!

By the way, I have a giveaway running on my Twitter right now until Saturday 23rd September to win 3 bags of Westlab’s Dead Sea Salt. All you have to do is follow me @FragranceFreeKG , RT the picture with #nationaleczemaweek GO GO GOOOOO!

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