My August favourites…

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ITS SEPTEMBER. When did that happen?! Even though I go back to work in a few days, September is my favourite month. The weather starts to get more autumnal and it’s my birthday month! August is a weird month for me because even though I love that it’s summer, I have to physically restrain myself from spending money every day. Last August was bad, this August I have been good (I think I’m growing up). So yeah, I haven’t been buying a lot of skincare but let’s get to what I have been loving…


  • No7 Beautiful Skin – Melting Gel Cleanser.

At the beginning of the month I went for a skin consultation with No7 in Boots and they recommended some amazing products that would suit my extra dry skin. This gel cleanser was one of them and oh my god it is so good. You basically rub about a 50p coins worth of product all over your face and it melts your makeup away. It really works! I’ve been taking the bulk of my makeup off with a wipe first, then using this cleanser to make sure all the makeup has completely gone. It’s so thick and really clings to your skin. I don’t feel all dry and gross after I’ve wiped it off either! This gel is so gentle, hydrating and it’s hypoallergenic. I picked up my 150ml tube from Boots for £9.50.

  • Twinings Buttermint Tea.

You know those creamy coloured mint sweets that your grandma used to give you that were addictive? That’s what this tea tastes like! I love it and I’ve had a cup every day since I got it. I pretty much mainly drink green teas, mint teas and fruit teas because they’re so good for damaged skin. I love finding new flavours so this was deffo one of my favourite finds this month! It’s minty, with a hint of toffee that’s not sickly, it’s really refreshing! Twinings you’ve done it again! I got my box from Tesco for £1.70.

  • No7 Beautiful Skin – Hydration Mask.

This is another No7 beast that I picked up this month. I love a good mask and when it promises hydration I am SOLD! It also looks like ice cream…I’m like a magpie. This is another gel that you whack on your face and makes you love your life! This goes on a light pink colour and turns clear as it sinks into your skin. You can actually see it sinking in! After 10 minutes or so, you can wipe the excess off or rub it in. Obz, I rub it in because I need all the moisture I can get! The serum it leaves behind is nice and cooling, it instantly hydrates and you get so much product in the bottle! This mask is normally £13.50 in Boots but they’re currently having a sale and it’s gone down to £10.

  • N.4 – Sugar Texturising Spray.

I know I feature a product from Birch Box in every one of my monthly favourites posts but seriously they just get it so right every time! I quite like to curl my hair and go for a bit of a messy look but does anyone else find that salt spray stings like a mother fucker?! It hurts! For this reason I was quite scared to use this sugar spray at first but it thankfully it doesn’t hurt at all! It feels really nice in my hair and little goes a long way! It also gives the right amount of messy without taking any shine away from your hair. I’ve used it loads in my hair this month, I just love it! You can get a 145ml bottle of this dreamy spray from the Birch Box website for £20.

  • Primark Nightdress.

Can you even go into Primark without buying new pjs? I can’t! I got a couple of these nightdresses this month because it’s too hot to wear full on pjs, shorts give me a wedgey in the night and I literally live to be comfy. These night dresses are sooooo soft, come in so many different colours and are comfy AF! I haven’t worn a nightdress since I was about 6 and now I’ve converted! Cotton is great for sensitive skin because it lets the skin breathe and guess what…these nightdresses are 100% cotton, I bloody love them! As I said, I picked my mine up from Primark for £4-5 depending on design.

What have you been loving this month?

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