Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box – September…

If you have been reading my posts for a while then you know that I bloody love monthly subscription boxes! It’s a little surprise to look forward to every month and let’s face it, I literally live for trying out new beauty products. I knew I would love Skin Organics boxes as soon as I had a look at their Instagram page. They pride themselves on using non toxic, paraben free, SLS free and cruelty free products, which I think is amazing! Get those chemicals away from me!

I ordered my September box in August as a one off box rather than getting a rolling subscription. I think it’s great when’s companies let you do this because you can get a feel for what the boxes are all about without being tied into anything. There are three options available for the subscription…month to month, which is £21. Three month pre pay, which is £60 or £114 for six months. You get five or more products in your box and they feature upcoming, ermerging brands as well as award winning brands. Incred!


The box had six beautifully packaged products so let’s get to the important bit…

  • Nathalie Bond Organics – rose and patchouli bath salts. This contains Himalayan pink salt and Dead Sea salt and that’s all I ever talk about so this is already a winner for me.
  • Awake Organics – aura clean deodorant. I’m already a big fan of natural deordorants and this sample size will be great for my handbag. It smells really fresh and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Clean pits all round!
  • Lillian Jones – lavender shampoo bar. This is a full sized bar! It smells amazing and I can’t wait to try this out!
  • Blue Labelle – light & balancing facial oil. I have already used this a couple of times after moisturising and I love it so far. Really light, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy.
  • Juni The Brand – hair oil. This is an exclusive product for this months box. I have used this twice on my dry, flaky scalp at night and it’s has worked wonders! It takes the itch away instantly too!
  • Alexa Sky Botanicals – cactus fruit eye serum. Super light oil that absorbs really quickly. The roller ball really helps soothe my eyes after a long day of looking at a computer.


What I also really like about this subscription box is that it includes information cards about each product from each brand. I have never seen that before in a monthly box and I think it’s a great touch!

I absolutely LOVED receiving this box this month. The products are amazing, the packaging is amazing and the attention to detail is amazing! I would recommend this monthly subscription to anyone, with or without sensitive skin. TREAT YO SELF.

Get your box at

I’m not paid to do this review and I wasn’t sent the box for free before hand, I just fricking love clean beauty products!

DIY Honey lip scrub…

It’s safe to say the weather is getting colder and Autumn officially here. We all know what that means don’t we?! DRY SKIN. Especially the skin on our faces! Shall we all just start wearing balaclavas with “I have eczema” stitched on the forehead? No? Just me who thinks about things like that? Moving on…

Having dry lips is one of the worst feeling ever! The skin on lips is so thin and we move our mouths so much throughout the day when we’re talking and eating, the skin just splits and never gets chance to heal properly. Well I have a quick and easy DIY lip scrub that can combat this and keep dryness at bay…

What you will need:

  • Honey – 1tsp
  • Coconut oil – 1tsp
  • Sugar – 2tsp
  • Small spoon
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Small empty container


First of all you will need to slightly soften the coconut oil. I added my 1 tsp to a microwaveable bowl and popped it in the microwave for 10 seconds. You don’t want to fully melt the coconut oil because if it is too warm when the sugar is added it’ll dissolve and there’ll be no scrub to your scrub!


Next up, add the honey and sugar and give it all a good mix. If at this point you want to add more sugar then go for it! I stick to 2 tsp because my skin is ultra sensitive and  a slightly softer scrub works best for me. Do what feels good for you.


That’s it! Easy peasy! Add the honey, sugary mixture to your empty container and scrub away! I always like to scrub my lips at night before bed so that all the coconut oil and honey can really work their magic. Simply exfoliate your lips for around 30 seconds, wipe away any excess with a damp cloth or just lick it off! Is it made with all natural ingredients after all! Put a little bit of lip balm on to keep all the moisture locked in and wake up with healthy lips!

The mixture of ingredients in this scrub have so many benefits for skin. The coconut oil and honey are highly moisturising and soothing for chapped and irritated skin. They both also have natural antibacterial properties, bonus! The sugar will gently remove dead skin cells by exfoliating, this makes the skin smoother and look healthier. Perfect!

Do you have any homemade skincare tips for sensitive skin?

Updated evening skincare routine…

For National Eczema Week I thought I would do a little updated evening skincare routine. Over the summer I got into a bit of a rut with my skincare. I was layering product after product each night before bed and in the morning I would wake up with spots and blemishes! I don’t mind the odd spot every now and again but my chin was covered! I also had red patches of eczema here and there, as well as irritation. I decided to just completely strip everything back and go for a more simple approach to my routine. I have finally found some products that work well for me so I thought I would share them with you lovely, itchy lot today…


  • Laidbare For Richer For Porer Mask.

When you are allergic to life, face masks can either be a massive hit or a massive miss and lets face it…its nearly always a massive miss. This mask works so well for me though and I love it! It has shea butter for hydration, liquorice and rose water to help soothe any irritation and redness, Japanese seaweed extract to detoxify and kaolin clay to get rid of any toxins. I hate liquorice but you know what, my face flipping loves it! It even has little bits in it to exfoliate…my fav! I use this mask around 1-2 times a week, depending on how my skin is feeling. I find that it reduces any redness I have really quickly, even after one use. The natural exfoliation helps get rid of any dead skin cells and over all it makes my face look brighter and healthier. Deffo a winner for me!

  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

I have talked about this cleanser before in a favourites post and I still love it just as much as when I first discovered it. It has a milky consistency that coats the skin in a really thin layer of product. I use this as a face wash (after taking my makeup off) so after I have applied it to wet skin, I will wipe away any excess with my muslin cloth. It’s not the flashiest of cleansers but it works. It’s gentle, it cleans without stripping the skin and I find it just keeps everything calm and under control. I would recommend this to anyone after a simple cleanser that does the job, sensitive skin or not!

  • Nivea Crème.

Ahhh an oldie but such a goodie! My face is drier than the driest thing that ever dried out so I need all the moisture I can get! After I have cleansed, I will put a really thick layer of this cream on like a mask and just leave it for 5-10 minutes before rubbing in. This really helps me when my face is extra dry because it gets all the moisture right in there! Even when my face isn’t flakey I still do this step every night to keep on top of things. Yeah my face is really shiny after but who cares when you’re just going to bed?! By the morning my face feels so hydrated and my skin is really glowy! I love this cream and you can pick it up anywhere for such a reasonable price!

  • No7 Youthful Replenishing Oil.

Around 2-3 times a week I will put a few drops of oil on top of the Nivea just to really lock in the moisture and add as much hydration as I can. When the crème has started to sink in I will lightly press in a few drops with the palms of my hands to really get it in there. I have really noticed a difference in my skin when I started to use oil and I love the freshness it gives to skin the next day. Give me all the oil!

This is defiantly the most simple skincare routine I’ve ever had and I’m loving it. My face hasn’t been this smooth, hydrated and actual skin colour all year! Bye bye unnecessary redness and stupid flakes…cyyyaaaaaa wouldn’t wannnaaa beee yaaaaaaaa!!

By the way, I have a giveaway running on my Twitter right now until Saturday 23rd September to win 3 bags of Westlab’s Dead Sea Salt. All you have to do is follow me @FragranceFreeKG , RT the picture with #nationaleczemaweek GO GO GOOOOO!

Review: Westlab Dead Sea Salt…

I first came across bath salts about a year ago when a family friend recommended putting them in my bath to help with my dry skin and eczema. After a little research I came across Westlab and decided to give them a go. Well, I haven’t looked back!


I’m not going to lie, at first I was a bit scared of using them because I thought they might dry my skin out further. You know when you have a bag of salty crisps and your mouth is dry as a bone? I thought my skin would have the same reaction but it was the complete opposite, especially with the Dead Sea salt. This is the soothing option of salts that Westlab produce and it does exactly what it says on the bag. It is suitable for eczema and psoriasis prone skin with the promise to soften and soothe any dry, itchy patches. It’s fragrance free (yas) and it’s packed full on minerals (yas yas).


This stuff works. It is a simple, fuss free product that has a positive effect on the skin after one use. I put around 3 handfuls into a warm, not hot, bath and soak for 20 minutes. I have found that is it also great for my scalp eczema so I even wash my hair in it! It calms down any hot, itchy, irritated skin after one soak so I especially like to use it when I can feel a flare coming on. It really does help stop it in its tracks! What else I really like about Westlab’s products is that they only source high quality salts so no addatives, no unnecessary bulk, just salt that is rich in minerals to benefit the skin. Dead Sea salt has been a huge part in healing my skin over the past year and it is a staple in my bathroom cabinet!

If you fancy giving them a try then you can pick up a bag of Dead Sea salt from

First impression Friday – Egyptian Magic…

I have wanted to try Egyptian Magic cream for aaaagggeesssss. I first came across it years ago when I saw a recommendation for it in a magazine. I must have been a skint student because for all these years I thought it was way more expensive than it actually was! You know when you put off buying something in your head because you think it’s really expensive but in reality you’ve not checked the price in years, you’re a full grown adult, you’ve got a full time job and its time to stop spending all your money on McDonalds and Dominos Pizza? SAME. Chicken nuggets though…


Well anyway, I finally bought some because I got an e-mail from their subscription list with a 20% off code and free shipping. I’m not going to say no to that am I! So in the end for 59ml pot I paid £21, which is really reasonable!

Before even trying the cream out, this has everything I look for in a skincare product. It has no additives, preservatives, chemicals, parabens, its fragrance free and it’s not tested on animals. BABES. It’s made with 6 all natural ingredients…olive oil, bees wax, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. ABOSLUTE BABES.


The instructions for use are to take a bit of cream, rub it between fingers until it melts into an oil and apply to the skin. I love it. Seriously, this is going to get my dry skin through winter. It’s heavily moisturising and hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy. It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving a really natural healthy shine. After it has fully absorbed the skin feels really soft, plump, hydrated and healthy. I have been putting a thin layer under my usual evening Nivea Crème mask for an extra hydration boost and oh my god my skin looks and feels incredible in the morning. It feels like it doesn’t need a moisturiser, which is a first for me! I have been using a light lotion! Lotion! Who would have thought it??? All this after 4 days use…it makes me want to kick myself for putting off buying it for so long!

How I cover facial eczema…

Eczema in general is a douche bag but it’s an even bigger one when it’s on your face. That’s where people look first, that’s the only part of your body you can’t fully cover up without looking like you’re going to burgle someone’s house, it’s rubbish. As I have said in previous posts, the eczema on my body has been pretty much non existent in the last few month but it bloody loves my face! Most of the time when I’m at home or just popping out I won’t attempt to cover my facial eczema up but I can’t do this when I go to work. I know I really shouldn’t care but I do and I know a lot of you feel the same so I thought I would share a few products and tips on how I get around this…


  • No7 Airbrush Away-Colour Balancing Primer.

First of all, it’s all about the base (buttery biscuit base). Sorry, I really couldn’t help myself with that one! Get the base right and makeup will sit nicely and stay on all day. After moisturising I will apply this primer and let it dry for a couple of minutes so that it’ll act as a blank canvas for the foundation. This one is especially good for redness because the colour correcting green balances everything out. It is also hypoallergenic yaaaaasssssss give me all the hypoallergenic things!

  • Bourjois 123 Perfect.

This foundation has 3 correcting pigments in it. Yellow for dark circles, purple for dull complexions and green for redness. Literally everything I need! I’m a big fan of colour correcting and this foundation is great. It has a medium coverage to it, which I prefer over full coverage foundation because it doesn’t clog your skin up and it lets it breathe. It also promises 16 hour wear, which is what I like to hear because I forget to take makeup with me for touch ups every single time I leave the house!

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer-Radiance.

I know this is a primer but I put this on after my foundation because it gives a nice dewy natural glow. Sometimes, I find that my face needs a bit of life putting into it so I just blend a bit on my cheekbones, temples and nose when my foundation is still a bit wet. Give me the healthy gloooowwwwww even if it’s fake!

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

The coverage you get with this concealer is insane! Like the foundation, this promises 16 hour wear but I deffo think it could stay on for longer! This stuff has a creamy consistency that blends really easily, a little goes a long way and it covers any red skin really naturally. My favourite thing to do when I have a pretty bad patch of eczema to cover is to put the concealer on, wait a few minutes for it to slightly dry and then blend with my fingers. As the concealer dries it goes a bit tacky, which gives more coverage to any redness. My FAV concealer ever!

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer.

This is the concealer to bring out if things are really really bad! This stuff is thick and really high coverage. I especially like using this mixed with a bit of facial oil so that it keeps my skin completely covered yet hydrated throughout the day. Like the Collection concealer, I mainly like to blend this out with my fingers because you can manipulate it into place better and the warmness of your hands makes you get a natural finish.

At the moment, my face is doing pretty good, it has really cleared up in the last week and I’m able to wear minimal makeup day to day but I always find that it’s nice to know there are products out there that can help when things get bad. If you have any product recommendations or technique suggestions for eczema prone skin then please DM me on Instagram as you know I love trying out new things!

I got the colour correcting primer, foundation and both concealers from Boots. The Laura Mercier primer was from a Birchbox but you can pick it up in John Lewis or on the Feel Unique website.


My August favourites…

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ITS SEPTEMBER. When did that happen?! Even though I go back to work in a few days, September is my favourite month. The weather starts to get more autumnal and it’s my birthday month! August is a weird month for me because even though I love that it’s summer, I have to physically restrain myself from spending money every day. Last August was bad, this August I have been good (I think I’m growing up). So yeah, I haven’t been buying a lot of skincare but let’s get to what I have been loving…


  • No7 Beautiful Skin – Melting Gel Cleanser.

At the beginning of the month I went for a skin consultation with No7 in Boots and they recommended some amazing products that would suit my extra dry skin. This gel cleanser was one of them and oh my god it is so good. You basically rub about a 50p coins worth of product all over your face and it melts your makeup away. It really works! I’ve been taking the bulk of my makeup off with a wipe first, then using this cleanser to make sure all the makeup has completely gone. It’s so thick and really clings to your skin. I don’t feel all dry and gross after I’ve wiped it off either! This gel is so gentle, hydrating and it’s hypoallergenic. I picked up my 150ml tube from Boots for £9.50.

  • Twinings Buttermint Tea.

You know those creamy coloured mint sweets that your grandma used to give you that were addictive? That’s what this tea tastes like! I love it and I’ve had a cup every day since I got it. I pretty much mainly drink green teas, mint teas and fruit teas because they’re so good for damaged skin. I love finding new flavours so this was deffo one of my favourite finds this month! It’s minty, with a hint of toffee that’s not sickly, it’s really refreshing! Twinings you’ve done it again! I got my box from Tesco for £1.70.

  • No7 Beautiful Skin – Hydration Mask.

This is another No7 beast that I picked up this month. I love a good mask and when it promises hydration I am SOLD! It also looks like ice cream…I’m like a magpie. This is another gel that you whack on your face and makes you love your life! This goes on a light pink colour and turns clear as it sinks into your skin. You can actually see it sinking in! After 10 minutes or so, you can wipe the excess off or rub it in. Obz, I rub it in because I need all the moisture I can get! The serum it leaves behind is nice and cooling, it instantly hydrates and you get so much product in the bottle! This mask is normally £13.50 in Boots but they’re currently having a sale and it’s gone down to £10.

  • N.4 – Sugar Texturising Spray.

I know I feature a product from Birch Box in every one of my monthly favourites posts but seriously they just get it so right every time! I quite like to curl my hair and go for a bit of a messy look but does anyone else find that salt spray stings like a mother fucker?! It hurts! For this reason I was quite scared to use this sugar spray at first but it thankfully it doesn’t hurt at all! It feels really nice in my hair and little goes a long way! It also gives the right amount of messy without taking any shine away from your hair. I’ve used it loads in my hair this month, I just love it! You can get a 145ml bottle of this dreamy spray from the Birch Box website for £20.

  • Primark Nightdress.

Can you even go into Primark without buying new pjs? I can’t! I got a couple of these nightdresses this month because it’s too hot to wear full on pjs, shorts give me a wedgey in the night and I literally live to be comfy. These night dresses are sooooo soft, come in so many different colours and are comfy AF! I haven’t worn a nightdress since I was about 6 and now I’ve converted! Cotton is great for sensitive skin because it lets the skin breathe and guess what…these nightdresses are 100% cotton, I bloody love them! As I said, I picked my mine up from Primark for £4-5 depending on design.

What have you been loving this month?