A list of things that need to get away from me…

As you know by now, I have had eczema and sensitive skin pretty much my whole life so I know what can cause irritation and what I need to avoid. Well, the list is getting longer by the day so I thought I would share a few with you…

  1. Harsh fragrances.
  2. Shower gel. Please see previous posts.
  3. Peel off face masks.
  4. Those face masks that dry rock solid. Can you not.
  5. Bars of soap.
  6. My boyfriends tarantula. Nope.
  7. Not getting enough sleep.
  8. When my cat jumps on my head in the night and wakes me up.
  9. How dry planes are. Whhyyyy?!
  10. Accidentally leaving the air con on all night on holiday.
  11. Going to bed with great skin and waking up with shit skin.
  12. People staring at my red patches.
  13. People touching my red patches and telling me I have red patches. Reeeaaalllyyyy? I didn’t know…
  14. People saying “oohh that looks sore” thank you!
  15. While I’m on the subject of people…Sunday drivers.
  16. Getting a perfume/body lotion set for Christmas and knowing full well that I would probably dissolve if I used it.
  17. Hot showers/baths. I love you but I’m too weak for you.
  18. Salt.
  19. Sugar.
  20. Alcohol. I love you wine, I wish I could drink you more.
  21. Jacuzzis.
  22. Swimming pools.
  23. Anything fun.
  24. Sweat.
  25. Shaving my legs and not moisturising half a second after getting out of the shower. F.L.A.K.E.S.
  26. Nuts.
  27. People who don’t moisturise. I’m so jealous of you.
  28. People who don’t have a skin care routine. How?! Please tell me your secrets.
  29. Going to the pharmacy every two weeks.
  30. My bank balance at the end of the month.

So, there you have it. Obviously there is loads more but we would be here all day! I hope you enjoyed my list of things that need to get away from me and maybe you can even relate to a few. Obviously, this is meant in a lighthearted way! I am not being serious at all and in no way do I want to offend anyone (sorry Sunday drivers)!

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