My top 10 life saving products for sensitive skin…

There are so many products out there tailored for sensitive skin and it’s getting confusing. I’ve had shit skin for so long that I know exactly what to avoid and exactly what my skin needs. This is obviously still ongoing because I have an addiction to buying anything skin care related but for now here are my top 10 life saving products for sensitive skin that never let me down…

  • Cetraben Cream.

This stuff is thick, soothing and great to use as a daily moisturiser because it sinks in easily. Make up sits great on top of this cream and it reduces redness quickly. 

  • Hydromol.

This is like buutttttteerrrrrr. I use this as a bath additive, a cleanser, a shower gel and just straight up for a hydration boost. It melts if added to warm water to create a creamy lotion that is great for daily use. I fucking love you Hydromol.

  • No7 Colour Balancing Primer.

Fellow red gals you need this. Balances areas of redness and is a perfect base for make up. The whole No7 range is hypoallergenic and a little goes a long way.

  • Lavender, A Single Note by Balm Balm.

Yeah I know I’m supposed to be fragrance free but sleep is the best medicine for shit skin and this spray knocks me out cold. A couple of sprays of this on your pillows at night is just a fricking dream, too good! 

  • Doublebase Gel.

This gel is highly moisturising and reduced redness. It also protects skin throughout the day and is great as a daily body lotion. This stuff can even be used as a soap substitute and shower gel.

  • Coconut Oil.

It soothes, it protects, it moisturises, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can use it as a moisturiser, a cleanser and a hair mask. You can melt it, make your own products with it and you can even eat it. I love you coconut oil, you are so basic but so good.

  • Oilatum Scalp Shampoo.

Get those flakes away from me. This shampoo is gentle, it doesn’t frazzle your hair, it doesn’t sting your eyes, it does what it’s actually supposed to do and it has saved my flakey scalp’s life. If you have a problematic scalp and other anti dandruff shampoos aren’t cutting it, please please please try this.

  • No7 Replenishing Facial Oil.

Or any facial oil for that matter. Give me all the oil! This hydrates, protects, moisturisers and cleanses like a dream. It’s not greasy on the skin and absorbs well. I love oils, I don’t think they get enough credit for the glooooowwww.

  • Konjac sponge.

These things are incredible for sensitive skin. It cleans and exfoliates skin without ripping it to shreds. It gets makeup off quickly and gently. I love you tiny sponge. I need a body one! It’s also totally natural and biodegradable.

  • Muslin cloth.

So simple looking but soooo good for sensitive skin. Like the sponge, it cleans and exfoliates skin gently. It can be used as a normal cloth, an exfoliator, during a hot cloth cleanse, to remove makeup or to soak in epsom salts and applied to irritated skin. The list is endless and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

That’s it! What are your life saving products for sensitive skin?

I got the Cetraben Cream, Oilatum shampoo and sponge from Superdrug. The lavender spray and muslin cloth are from Balm Balm. The No7 products are from Boots and the coconut oil is from TK Maxx. The Doublebase and Hydromol are prescribed through my doctor but you can pick them up on the Hello Skin website.

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