My July favourites…

I love July! I break up from work for the summer at the beginning of the month and we always book a holiday for the last week. So pretty much most of July for me is sorting my life and skin out for my break away and I think this months favoutires reflect that. Let’s get started…


  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

I know this isn’t skincare but I thought I could include this book in this post because oh my god you need to read it, please everyone in the whole world read this book right now! I can’t put it down. I’ve not seen the TV show yet but I thought I would read the book first then binge watch it while I’m off. The book is quite big so admittedly I’ve not finished it yet but I’m close. I won’t give anything away but it’s really thought provoking and it’s completely sucked me in. I don’t get time to read a lot but since I’ve been putting an hour or so aside each day for this book I has really chilled me out and got me off my phone! You can get the book off Amazon for around £6.

  • Nivea Creme.

If you have read my Holiday Skin Update post then you will know that this stuff saved my life after my face fell off half way through flying back from Barcelona. I’m not sure if anyone else feels like this but since my skin went bad I shun almost every skincare product you can get in a supermarket. I don’t know why! I just automatically think no sorry but I’m allergic to every single ingredients in that cream. I’m I an eczema snob? Well anyway, I decided to buy some of this when my face was really dry just to see what would happen. I’ve been putting a thick layer on, like a face mask, leaving it for 5ish minutes then rubbing it in. Woah, the old ones really are the best! My face loves this! Slapping some of this on at night before bed has done my skin wonders. Even if you’ve not got eczema or a skin condition you should try this out, I wake up in he morning glowing! I got a 200ml pot from Tesco for £2.50. BARRRGGIIINNNNNNNNNN.

  • Percy & Reed – Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery.

This is a leave in conditioner that you apply to dry hair at bedtime and shampoo out in the morning. I got this is July’s Birch Box and it couldn’t have come at a better time because my hair was drrryyyyy. I was a bit scared to use it at first because the directions are to rub into scalp and then down the lengths, it’s quite heavily fragranced too. We all know about my scaley scalp so I avoided it and put it through my hair. Well, this works a right treat! My hair was so soft and swishy the next day! It didn’t irritate my scalp at all and I swear it also kept my hair cleaner for longer too! I love the packaging and I’m deffo going to be buying this when my sample tube runs out. You can get this overnight recovery conditioner from M&S for £20 for a 150ml tube that’ll last for aaagesss!

  • Avène – Thermal Spring Water.

Ive read loads about Avène, especially this anti irritating spray and in July I finally remembered to buy a bottle when I was in Boots! I’m so bad at stuff like that, saying I really want to try something and then forgetting to buy it every time I’m in the shop that sells it. I saved this for my holiday in Barcelona because I really wanted to try it out with the heat. This does work well as a cooling mist because let’s face it you are spraying cool water onto your face but I find it best as a make up setting spray. I noticed that my make up stayed on all day in the heat after I had used this and it kept me moisturised all day too. Sometimes my neck would get a bit itchy from the sweating and a quick spray of this really cooled it down and took the irritation away. I will be repurchasing this when it runs out and looking at the rest of the Avène range. I got my 50ml spray from Boots for £4, a perfect size for hand luggage.

  • Native Unearthed – Coconut Vanilla Natural Deodorant Balm.

I think Birch Box were reading my mind when they put July’s box together because I’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant for ages! I’ve always been quite lucky with deodorant because they’ve never really irritated me but have you ever read the ingredients list?! Get those chemicals away from me. I’ve never found a natural deodorant that I really wanted to try so I was really happy when this came in the subscription box. The scent is very light, which is perfect for me. At first it feels a bit weird rubbing a balm into your armpits and I never thought it would work but it does! It’s so good! There’s literally no smell, no BO! Bye bye BO, I never liked you! I’ve been using a pea sized amount for each armpit twice a day and seriously this stuff is going to last me ages. I love it! They’ve got some other scents on their website at where you can get the deodorant balm for £6.99.

What have you been loving this month?

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