Holiday skin update…

I’m back from a great holiday in Barcelona! I love city breaks and Spain is one of my favourites. As I have said in previous posts, my skin can be very hit and miss on holiday so I thought I would do a little skin update.

Before the holiday my skin was doing really well! I still had a bit of a scabby top lip and the fungal infection (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it ringworm LOOLLL) on my chin was practically gone! By the way, ringworm…I knowwww… but unfortunately eczema loves fungus and fungus loves me, it’s just one of those things really. I don’t have mushrooms growing out of my chin or anything, it’s just a red patch of skin so please don’t judge Fergus the fungus. Hopefully he will piss off soon anyway.

My face doesn’t really get on well with planes so my chin got a bit dry on the way there but after a bit of light exfoliation it was fine. It was pretty much fine all week really! My legs, arms, back and neck had no problems at all, even in the heat! I got a little bit of a heat rash on my tummy on the third day that woke me up it was that itchy but it soon calmed down after I put a bit of cream on.

On the last day though the bottom part of my face started to get drier and drier. Make up covered it fine but I think it was the combination of sweat, drinking way more alcohol that I normally do, being tired and not drinking as much water as I should have done that added to the dryness. I also ate barely any fruit or vegetables all week and I was just knocking the sugar and pastries back like there was no tomorrow. This resulted in my face falling off on the plane back to England. No joke. I fell asleep as we were taking off for about 20 minutes and when I woke up I couldn’t move my mouth at all. I ran to the toilet and was just looking at all the flakes like nooooooooooo myyyy faaaccceeeeeee! Feeerrgguussss stop falling offffff! I was a lizard. I scrubbed the makeup off my face with a paper towel, urrghhhh, then applying moisturiser until we got back. As soon we got home I washed my face and I have been slapping on really thick layers on Nivea cold cream and Hydromol, which has done the trick in less than 12 hours.

I think the next time I go on a plane, I won’t wear any makeup and I’ll look after my skin a bit more while I’m away, especially the drinking more water thing. It’s really easy to forget about everything while you’re on holiday because you’re not in a routine and you just think ahhh go on then when someone offers you your 50th drink (or in my case pastry). This is sometimes a good thing because I can get so consumed by my skin, it’s nice to just have a break! Yeah my face was crispy AF on the flight back but it wasn’t going to stay that way forever and now it’s fine!

I’m so happy that my eczema didn’t go too mental on this holiday. It’s made me feel like I am finally getting somewhere with this shit skin!! I know my eczema will never go away but am I finally gettting some control back?!

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