Going on holiday with eczema and only a carry on…

Packing for a holiday is quite stressful and you know what makes it worse? Being too tight to pay the extra £35 to put a big suitcase in the hold and only being able to take 10kg worth of hang luggage including liquids. LOL. I am only going away for 4 nights on a city break so I don’t actually need a big suitcase but still, I’m addicted to creams people! Let me have my creams! My main top tip is to find a boyfriend that doesnt use any toiletries so you can take even more!!! I’m a genius!

I’m one of those people that take extra JUST IN CASE. You never know when you might get an allergic reaction to something so it’s a good job you packed those extra antihistamines and ointments and creams and sprays and aaahhhhhh it’s all too much! This year though, I’ve really thought about it and I think I’ve cracked it!


First of all, tiny bottles and tubs! I’ve talked about these on another post before and I still swear by them. You can buy a pack of empty bottles, perfect for a suitcase or hand bag, from Primark for £1. They even come in a handy see through case! I’ve got millions of these and you can get quite a few into the little plastic bag you have to put liquids in at the airport. You can take up to a litre of liquids per person in hand luggage so yeah I’ve gone HAM this year. I line up all my creams, cleansers and moisturisers that I use every day and decant each one into a bottle or tub, it depends on how much I think I’ll need. I even carry a few of these in my hand bag and at work, I just refill them when they’re getting low.

Next up, lose fitting clothing! It’s boiling, eczema hates sweat, eczema hates sunburn, let that skin breathe! For a summer city break I always take lose fitting and comfy clothes because there is nothing worse than being itchy all day when you are trying to enjoy yourself. I’m talking lose tshirts/tops, over sized dresses, anything that is comfy and will minimise sweating. I always take clothes that cover me up a bit too because my skin goes mental when it’s a had a bit too much sun. Piss off eczema, I’m on holiday!


Get those underwire bras away from me. Does anyone else feel like this in summer? I do! I always get a patch of eczema where my bra has been so when it’s hot I tend to stick to crop tops. I picked up this crop above from Primark. It’s a pack of 2, the other one is a maroon colour and oh my god they are the softest crops ever. They come with a built in bandeau, so there’s a bit more support than a normal crop top and for £5 you just can’t go wrong! I love that they are seamless and they will deffo keep me comfy on holiday!

Another tip that I like to do when I’m going to a hot country but only taking hand luggage is to buy sun cream at the airport. It’s all well and good taking mini day to day items but you will need to apply sun cream multiple times throughout the day so it’s worth buying a big bottle of it. Keep that skin protected!

Do you have any tips on going on holiday with only hand luggage for us flakey gals?

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