My June favourites…

Woah, June flew by! I have been so busy these past few weeks with work and Scrub Month (see previous posts) that I have been neglecting my skincare obsession slightly. Normally in my monthly favourites posts I will talk about products that I have purchased and been loving that month. In this post though I will be talking about products that I’ve been trying for a while and that have really started to make a difference to my skin throughout June. Let’s get started…


  • XO Balm.

I love a good balm and this one is just lovely. It’s made with 4 ingredients, which are beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and chia seed oil. You can’t get more natural than that! It even comes with an applicator and a mirror in the lid! What I like most about this balm is that is is matte so when I have been applying it on dry, rough patches of skin on my face it doesnt leave me feeling greasy. I’ve even put it on top of makeup! It also reduces redness quite quickly and protects throughout the day. The balm comes in a 45g tin, which is a very generous amount as a little goes a long way. I love it! You can get the balm from for £12.50 with free shipping.

  • Cetaphil – Gentle Skin Cleanser.

So I’ve been reading a lot about this cleanser for a while but to be quite honest the packaging put me off. I know that sounds really stupid but I was just never really drawn in by it. Anyway, I decided to actually buy some in May because I noticed on the bottle it says soap free. YES GIVE ME ALL THE SOAP FREE THINGS. Well, I love it and I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else. I’m quite shocked at myself for saying that. There’s nothing fancy about this product, it literally does what it says on the bottle, which is to help skin retain moisture. My face has been so much calmer since using this and I even feel like my make up goes on nicer. It’s also for face and body, which I didn’t realise when I first bought it, so it’s great for in the shower! There’s not really much more to say about this other than if you have irritated skin then you should give this a go!! I got my 473ml bottle off Amazon for £9.49.

  • Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream.

This is another product that I have read loads about but never bought because of the packaging…why am I a magpie?! Well, yet again, I should have bought it sooner! This cream is from Japan and everything I have read about it has been good. The only slightly negative thing I’ve heard about it is that it smells a medicinal, which it does but that smell fades completely as you rub it in. The cream is quite thick, like a balm, but it melts into your skin and leaves it silky soft. This is also a great product for taking on the go with you as it doesn’t leave the skin greasy and it protects throughout the day. I find this cream works especially well around my eyes, as it’s intensive without the sting. Goodbye flakey eyelids! I highly recommend this if you have rough patches that need a moisture boost throughout the day. I got my tube off Amazon for £13.50.

  • Water Wipes.

Where have you been all my life? I have recently been on a camping trip and I normally like to pack baby wipes to wash my face with and generally just freshen up. Since my skin is super sensitive these days, I have been struggling to find any wipes that I can use on my body that don’t sting like 1000 bees until I found these bad boys! They’re chemical free (yasssss), 99.9% water and allergy friendly. Yaaaaaasssssssssssssss!! These wipes are so gentle on my skin and I’ve even used to them to clean my make up brushes with. Has anyone else noticed that baby products are always amazing for eczema?! I got my pack from Tesco for £1.80.

What products were you loving in June?

As always, if you are going to try out a new product that you have never used before then please do a patch test in case of allergies.

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