Scrub Month: Week 4 – DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub…

For the final week of Scrub Month I am going to share my gentle coconut sugar scrub with you. This has made such a big difference to my dry, flaky, shit skin and it is so easy to make! I make this sugar scrub a bit different to the DIY ones you see on places like Pinterest and I’ll tell you why as we get making.


Right, so first of all you will need to pop 3 tbls of coconut oil into a microwaveable bowl and microwave for around 10 seconds. I use extra virgin coconut oil because it suits my skin better and i like the coconutty smell. I never let the oil melt until it’s completely clear, just sort of cloudy and still slightly lumpy. This is because it can melt the sugar and then you end up with a rock solid crystallised lump, you won’t realise until you come to scrub your skin were it’ll feel like sandpaper and you’ll come out of the bath like a lobster with friction burns…can you tell I’ve made that mistake before?

The next step is to add 2 heaped tbls of sugar to the half melted coconut oil and give it a good mix until it looks like the picture below. I just use caster sugar from my cupboard but you can use brown or any type you want.


I know it looks quite runny and different to normal DIY sugar scrubs and this is because I’ve adapted it to suit more sensitive, eczema prone skin. This scrub is a gentle exfoliator with more oil to add a tonne of moisture to the skin, whilst at the same time removing dead skin cells and smoothing everything out. This kind of exfoliator also enhances blood circulation, which increases collagen production. YES give me all the collagen, this is what us flaky eczema people need!!

That it! How simple was that! After I have mixed everything together I pour it into a pot and leave in the fridge to firm up. I’ll then leave it in the bathroom to use whenever I feel like it on my face, body or both! Loooveeeelllyyyy!


The moooooon…

I hope this simple scrub gives relief to at least one person out there who has eczema, sensitive or dry skin. Please let me know your thoughts and tag me on Instagram if you try it out!

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