How to have a good eczema day…

As everyone with a skin condition knows, having a good skin day can quickly turn into a bad skin day within a few minutes and it is the worst feeling ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Especially when you accidently brush a patch of eczema and it instantly starts the itching/ redness off. Worst. Feeling. Ever. From this helllllllllll I have come up with 5 ways to have a good eczema day!

1. First of all let’s start with the night before. Have a bath or shower in the evening.
Washing before bed has benefited my skin in so many ways and I can really tell a difference the next day. Letting my skin soak in all the moisturisers and settle down through the night makes it super soft and calm by the morning. I know not showering in the morning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but honestly give it a go!

2. Get a good nights sleep.
I try to get at least 8 hours a night, if not more! I know it can be quite difficult when a TV show has sucked you into a dark hole and you just think one more episode. One more episode. Oh no, I’ve got to be up for work in 4 hours…We’ve all been there (please stop making The Walking Dead so good) but it can wait! Sleep can do wonders for healing the skin so turn the TV off and put the phone down!

3. Moisturise your whole body in the morning.
This has really sorted my skin out! After I have washed my face in the morning I will moisturise everywhere. Even though my skin doesn’t really feel like it needs it because I would have heavily moisturised the night before, I still do it to protect it throughout the day.

4. Drink plenty of water.
Staying hydrated throughout the day not only has benefits for inside the body but outside too as it helps to keep the skin clear. Drinking water is something that is so simple but it’s so easy to forget about! Why not get a bottle that holds a litre of water and try and refill it at least once throughout the day? I have a bottle that I take to work with me that I keep on my desk as a constant reminder to keep drinking.

5. Don’t stress.
I think I say this is every post but stress can really cause the skin to flare and progressively get worse and worse. Trust me, I know it’s hard to stop stressing when you’re already stressed out but just take a moment to breath and relax. Seriously, whatever it is isn’t worth the harm you could cause your body and if it makes you feel better go and binge watch some RuPaul’s Drag Race (yeessssssss, its just TOO good).

Sadly, there is no cure for eczema (boo, you whore) but hopefully these simple steps could help you get through the day with as little flakes as possible. What tricks do you use?

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