My April favourites…

The month for me has mostly been about trying to slowly introduce my skin back to normal life after my 6 month flare. Don’t get me wrong, my skin still has a long way to go but for the moment it is relatively clear, except for this one 10p size douche bag on my chin that just won’t do one… other than that I’m feeling positive! This month has also been the first month since late October that I have actually been able to have a shower for longer than 5 minutes, who knew something so mundane could be so exciting! Wow, I sound boring but I don’t care! 15 minutes showers waaahooooooo yesssssss!!!

Anyway…here are my April favourites.


  • Hydromol ointment.

I get Hydromol prescribed through my doctor and I love it. My skin soaks up creams and emollients so quickly that I have found only really thick greasy products work best on dry patches and this one is like butter. When I first got prescribed it my skin was in desperate need of moisture so I would put this on all over my body at night. Now I use it in the shower as a soap substitute because when you add water it goes really creamy and silky. I would definitely recommend to ask your doctor about this if you have extremely dry skin.

  • PHB Brightening hand cream- neroli and ylang ylang.

I received this hand cream in March in the LoveLula monthly beauty box. I’m always a bit sceptical of hand creams at first because my hands are so dry and sensitive but this one is lovely. It’s really nice and thick and smells so fresh, perfect for this time of year! It sinks into the skin really quickly but still leaves it’s protected. The PHB Ethical Beauty company are amazing too and 20% of their profits go to charity, what absolute babes! I never thought I would love a hand cream but I will definitely be buying another bottle!

  • Balm Balm 100% organic eau de parfum in lavender.

I love Balm Balm. They’re products are amazing and I personally feel they have changed the game regarding beauty products, but I think I need to leave that for another post! I received this eau de parfum in the LoveLula December beauty box but I have only really started using is consistently this month. I’m very sensitive to perfumes, as the name of this blog might suggest, but a few sprays of this on your pillow at night is a dreeeaaaammmmm…honestly I sleep like a baby now! The eau de parfum is very light so it’s not too overpowering, it’s just beautiful.

  • Cien sensitive face wipes.

Face wipes have been getting a lot of stick recently in the beauty world, I know they’re not the best thing to put on your skin to remove your makeup but lets face it they’re convenient and you can go to bed at least 2 whole minutes earlier than if you were doing a hot cloth cleanse. Don’t get me wrong, hot cloth cleansing feels too good to pass up on but every now and again for speed I grab the face wipes. I discovered these bad boys from Lidl this month for 79p!!! 79p! Incredible! My face didn’t react at all to these wipes when I first used them, which is weird when your face is allergic to life! They’re gentle, they’re fragrance free, they take your makeup off really easily, they’re 79p, what’s more to be said?!

  • No7 Skin Illuminator.

At the beginning of this month I was in Boots, you know, minding my own business, wishing I could eat all the bread in the meal deal section, when a lovely cashier lady told me No7 are giving each a customer a free gift when they buy certain items. YES! I love free gifts! Well in the pack was this skin illuminator and oh my god it is amazing. I’ve been adding it to my tinted moisturiser and I am now a glowing, dewy goddess! It’s also hypoallergenic for us flaky gals! I’ve used this everyday since I got it so I would definitely recommend!

As always, if you do come across a new product you would like to try, then please do a patch test in case of any allergies.

You can find the hand cream and eau du parfum on and the No7 skin illumiator on

I would recommend to ask your doctor/dermatologist about Hydromol ointment and you can pick up the face wipes from Lidl UK.


My holiday essentials for eczema prone skin…

Personally I always find it difficult to predict how my skin will react on holiday. It totally depends on where I am going of course but I have noticed that it with either clear up completely within a few days or my skin will break out in rashes that are angry, red, lumpy, itchy, hot, etc etc etc blah blah blah Ihateyoueczema.

Over the last few years I have I picked up different tips and tricks to keep an eczema flare at bay while on holiday and I am going to share them with my fellow itchy bitches (you).

So first of all…bed linen. This sounds weird but please stick with me. I always take my own pillow case with me when I stay in hotels and honestly it makes a huge difference! I wash all my bed linen and clothes with non-bio gel, which is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. A lot of hotels (not all) use quite a harsh washing powder to make the sheets all crisp and smelling fresh…I can’t handle crisp, so I take my own! As of yet I haven’t taken my own bed sheets but it is defiantly something I would consider and I would rather look like a bed sheet carrying weirdo than be an uncomfortable red, flaky lizard.

The next thing I pack for any holiday or weekends away is loose fitting clothing, especially when it’s warm. Let that skin breathe! Sweating can dry the skin out so wearing loose fitting clothing can keep you cool and comfortable (also you can go big on the desserts!!). Tighter clothing can rub against eczema, which irritates it more and in my case can even bring on a flare. I also cut the labels out of the back of my clothes, even if they’re tiny.

Over the years I have always found buying sun cream really difficult. It’s either really perfumed, sticky, greasy or just simply doesn’t sink into the skin. This in turn brings on rashes in the creases of knees and elbows and just makes you one shiny, red mess! Not anymore though! In the last couple of years I have been using Boots Soltan Sensitive Hypoallergenic sun cream and it is the best I have found so far. I recently used it on a holiday to Mexico and had no problems at all. Not only does it sink into the skin quickly, it leaves you feeling moisturised and its affordable! Eczema prone skin always needs a high SPF so this is perfect and I would defiantly recommend!

If your toiletries bag weighs more than your shoes and clothes combined when you go on holiday then I feel your pain! It is always a good idea to stock up on all your creams, emollients, ointments and medicines (always check with your doctor) before you go away but sometimes they come in massive containers. This isn’t a problem most of the time but when you know you aren’t going to use that much throughout your trip it can be a bit of a pain. Instead of trying to survive without it, I have started transferring how much I need into smaller pots and bottles. Primark sell small travel size bottles in a little carry case for £1! Bargain! They can be used again and again too! I even have one filled with Doublebase that I keep in my handbag. These are also good for putting a small amount of lotion in hand luggage so you can keep moisturised during the flight.

One of the best cures for my eczema and dry skin is swimming in the sea. I’m not quite sure why but the combination of the salty sea and the sunshine is just a miracle worker for my skin. I definitely need to live in a warmer climate! I always make sure I moisturise/apply sun cream regularly when I’m at the beach though so I don’t dry out. Get that bikini on and get in that sea!!

My last top tip for going on holiday with eczema is to R E L A X. Being chilled out and stress free will do wonders for eczema prone skin and mental wellbeing. It’s hard to not get consumed by looking at/worrying about our skin but a holiday is the perfect time to take a break!

I hope these holiday essentials could at least help one person on their quest for itch free skin!

I know this is an obvious one but if you do get your hands on some new products that you’ve never used before, always do a patch test just in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Below I have linked the Primark bottles and the Boots Soltan sun cream…,R1930671120150104

Let’s talk about emollients…

Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

Ive written it too many times now, it doesn’t look right.

Moisturising my skin is literally all I do all day. Well that’s what it feels like anyway. I actually really enjoy moisturising and looking for new emollients to try but recently it has become more of a chore. I don’t want to slather my body is creams/ ointments right before bed, I just want to get in bed!

I also have that type of skin that soaks up emollients really quickly so I have to repeat the process quite a few times through out the day. No one likes that struggle of trying to put clothes on after you’ve put a thick ointment all over your body. The struggle!!!

A moisturiser that I do have time for is Doublebase Gel. I only discovered this a couple of months ago when my doctor recommended it to me. It’s great! I get very angry, red eczema patches when I have a flare and I have found that Doublebase protects and hydrates my skin after the first application! The redness that usually lingers for a few weeks completely went after a few days! This is a first for me,as I am normally still a lobster waaayyy after the itchiness has gone!

As an all over body moisturiser I find it greasy at first but it sinks in really quickly and leaves the skin hydrated. I use it every morning after a shower and by the time I have done my makeup, it’s sunk in and it doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes. Bonus! I would definitely recommend Doublebase Gel to anyone suffering with skin complaints!

I get my Doublebase Gel prescribed to me by my doctor but if you are struggling to get your hands on it you could always have a look on I have heard great things about this website and they literally sell everything you will ever need to soothe any skin condition!